Your Old Droog – The Return Of Sasquatch (Audio, Lyrics)

Date 2022-07-20

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Your Old Droog unveils the Madlib-produced “The Return Of Sasquatch” song. Listen, stream, read the lyrics, buy the song.

Your Old Droog The Return Of Sasquatch

Your Old Droog The Return Of Sasquatch

Just a few months removed from his last album, YOD WAVE, Your Old Droog has released a new single with production by Madlib titled, “The Return Of Sasquatch.” In addition to sharing the track, Droog also hinted at more music on the way.

“Something’s brewing…” the New York rapper wrote in the description of the song on YouTube before adding, “Yodney Dangerfield + more coming soon.”

One fan in the comments section theorized that the upcoming music could be a collaborative project between Droog and Madlib.

“I swear if it’s a YOD and Madlib album then I’m gonna fucking scream,” the user wrote.

Madlib has collaborated on full-length efforts with several rappers over the course of his career including MF DOOM, Freddie Gibbs, and more.

Another project would make for Droog’s third album of 2022. He also released the album, Tha Wolf On Wall St 2: The American Dream, earlier this year.

Your Old Droog – The Return Of Sasquatch (prod. Madlib)


[Verse 1]
It’s like Bigfoot jumpin’ off a spaceship
Planted all the tapes, invaded on some Planet of the Ape shit
All heroes don’t wear capes, shit
I’m like those who want to go up in the booth and try to shape shift
Fake shit, they probably need a face lift
Made shifts in the culture when my studio was makeshift
Spit straight piff
That’s why I fuck with them cats who pump zips in your hood on some BAPE shit (Pshh)
Stay low, not no [?]
Cats is weirdos, and they wonder why Droog is so evasive
Keep shit on a need to know basis
You not finna be the next [?] (Who?)
Always knew we would go places
Since the days when it was nascent
Rhymin’ in the basement (Which one?)
Made it here ’cause I’m patient (Uh-huh)
Producers get one placement and start to get complacent
Watch they albums go copper
While knots landin’ in my pockets like that old soap opera (Oof)
Your Old Droog, I got cleared, no vodka
With a little help from my friends Joe Cocker (The Beatles)
International soul rocker
Out in Norway while bein’ Cordae, we in Osaka (What)
Got the nerve to cop an attitude
You’ll never achieve nothin’ of this magnitude
You maggot food

First there were the plants
They develop into, animals would take the plants
The animals were small but they grew (Sooka)
And the larger animals ate the smaller animals
What does that mean?
So far, according to history
Each dynasty devises it’s own end
The animal develops a brain
And the brain destroys the animal

[Verse 2]
Still [?]
You had dudes killin’ they self, thinkin’ I was God’s Son (Remember?)
Crabs in a barrel, of my shotgun
Tried to pull me down but it was them who got done
With they wigs pushed all the way back, twisted
Bet y’all liked it better when I was blacklisted
Wild deep, pop without the hijinks
I do real songs with Madlib, no Drpbox links (Haha)
I’m not even that interney savvy, pa
Told [?] they was tuna, this the real Rap Caviar (Oh my god)
With numbers like Thriller
And only views I brought’s the ones in my villa
(Something’s brewing)

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