Yung Kayo – YEET (ft. Yeat) (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

Date 2022-01-29

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Yung Kayo premieres the music video for the Warpstr-produced “YEET” track featuring Yeat. Listen, stream, buy, read the lyrics, mp3 download.

Yung Kayo Yeet

Yung Kayo Yeet

One of the coolest things about the growing Young Stoner Life Records roster is that no two artists on the label sound the same. There’s truly something for everybody over at the Snake Pit. Young Thug has spent years building one of the greatest modern hip-hop labels, which includes 18-year-old Yung Kayo, the youngest member of the collective.

After experiencing some initial success last year, Kayo has been hyping up his upcoming project, DFTK (Down For The Kount), for the last few weeks. On Friday (January 28), the rising rapper released his latest single for “YEET,” featuring none other than underground sensation himself, Yeat.

Yung Kayo – YEET (ft. Yeat) (prod. Warpstr)

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[Chorus: Yung Kayo]
Yeet, yeet, yeet
Fleek, fleek, fleek

[Verse 1: Yung Kayo]
Flee away, had to ask my brother if we gon’ eat today
I remember they just told me to stay away
Used to play with all the chickens on Easter day
Run the millions, run away from the layaway
I got the knit, it’s on top of the Yves Laurent
I got the net, and you know it’s gon’ pay away
Pay away like I’m Gaga, got poker face
Pay away ’cause I got somewhere to be today
Go to the meeting, that’s where I gotta be today
Told the bitch eat it before I got bills to pay
Woke up this morning, you know I got bills to pay
Woke up this morning, I live where the demons at
In the garden, bitch, I feel like I’m Peter Pan
If you look this way, you won’t get to see the man
John Cena, why you waving your fingers, man?
I buy the land and buy the crib, redesign

[Chorus: Yung Kayo]
Yeet, yeet, yeet
Fleek, fleek, fleek

[Verse 2: Yung Kayo]
I slap on her ass, now she got the inches, I’m pulling her, yeet
I dive and I splash, the gang gets turned up when the diamonds on fleek
She Cartier tag, I’m askin’ the bitch, “Oh, can I get a piece?”
It’s not ’bout the bag, ALYX on my feet, then I hop out the Jeep
A Rick Owens shag, I get in my swag, then I head out to Greece
Don’t think ’bout the past, the other night I had a Goyard dream
Fuck around Goyard rings, fuck around, fuck around Goyard teeth
This is a 3D scene, I have her add it up in the RV
I’m ’bout to float like I’m elevate, I’m ’bout to float like a BRB
I’m cashing out, it’s just for the day, shit, went to sleep with a real Barbie

[Chorus: Yung Kayo]
Yeet, yeet, yeet (Let’s go)
Fleek, fleek, fleek (Let’s go)

[Verse 3: Yeat]
Yeet, me, diamonds, flooded (On me)
Bad thotties, pull up, uh, on me
I just been taking the X or the Perc’, I’m a zombie, I be living on Earth
All of my diamonds, they flooded, from Elliante, [?], for sure
We in Chanel with a honeybun bitch, we in a whole upper echelon
Rocking some Ricky denim for the jeans, yeah, with the VETEMENTS hoodie on
I be as high as the god, as the fiends, bitch, and I put that on every mom
I went and just flooded my rings, I blew up, they call me Osama son
My brother keeping the weapon, yeah, my brother keeping the stretcher
I just pulled up with the mob, I just pulled up with the team
My twizzy, my brother, we send him to heaven, don’t matter if it’s him or it’s me
Me, Yeet, I’m he

[Chorus: Yung Kayo]
Yeet, yeet, yeet (Let’s go)
Fleek, fleek, fleek (Let’s go)

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