After being Bridesmaid to 40 friends, Lady finally sets to Wed

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A Nigerian lady identified who has been bridesmaid to 40 of her friends, is set to become the main bride soon as disclosed in an interview with BellaNaija.

Recounting her experience she said;

There have been times when the bride had been stood up by her makeup artist at the last minute and I had to arrange a backup service. I recall one incident at work where I was in the tea room with a colleague who happened to be the only child of her mother. She mentioned that she was getting married and did not have a maid of honour. I quickly volunteered to be her chief bridesmaid.

Two weeks later, I had my gown ready and was ready to rumble. There was another incident where the bride turned to me and asked if she was doing the right thing. She was on the verge of calling it off right there and then in spite of the fact that she’d known her then groom-to-be for over seven years. I had to walk through the tightrope of reassuring her that she could not have made a better decision and the day was saved. I could be seated at my desk at the office working through a humongous spreadsheet at 2 in the afternoon when a call might come in asking me to be a part of someone’s train. As funny as it might seem, I get referrals like that from friends of friends and family.

I know forty times is a big deal. It is just that I am a happy fixer and because I recognize the beauty and joy in every wedding ceremony and I want to see that the couple is happy. It gives me a sense of fulfilment that I’m unable to completely describe; I’ll just get into bed at the end of the day and feel this surge of satisfaction come over me. I don’t see myself ever quitting this. As long as there is a bride out there seeking the energies of a happy party princess, I shall be there.


(Yabaleft Online)

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