#BBAHotshot: Nigerias Tayo Faces Trauma

Tayo_sorry_bbahotshots_day10As the Big Brother Hotshots show is nearing the halfway mark, the remaining housemates are seemingly beginning to feel the pressure of the competition. It seems is traumatised as the days go by in the house even without being on the nomination list and he made this much known to Big Brother in the diary room. He told Big Brother that he was only trying to be himself and was not playing any games up until yesterday but he could not tell if any of the other housemates were being sincere as he was.

Tayo’s apparent depression seemed to have stemmed from the drumming incident spat he had with Macky2 just as he had tried to smoothen out things with the Zambian rapper even as Trezagah acted as the mediator. And even though the housemates didn’t exchange blows, it was apparent that their was an air of distrust and subtle anger towards one another. Macky2 had previously told Tayo that the housemates could not shy away from the fact that housemates would make effort to play one another in a bid to frustrate perceived competitors.


Even though a lot of the housemates believed Tayo to be short-tempered, he opined that he was not playing any games and only wished they could all sit down make effort to understand the cultural differences between them, as perhaps this was where misunderstandings were brewing from. He also added that whatever he said to the housemates in the Big Brother house was what he would have said to them outside the house.

Mr. 265 joined the conversation and this did not help matters as he started psycho-analysing Tayo’s behaviour in the house which Tayo wasn’t too happy about. Tayo was very much absorbed in the disagreement and did not seem to be amused even when Butterphly was put through another lap dance.

The duo of Macky2 and Mr. 265 seemed glad to leave the tense discussion just as JJ joined the fray to give his opinion on the issue. Tayo repeatedly emphasised that if he had a problem with any of the housemates, he would confront them just as he added that he was not afraid to do so because he was not intimidated by anyone.


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