Comedians, Ali Baba & Seyi Law speak on sponsorship challenges

Date 2019-10-15

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A-list Nigerian comedians, Atunyato Akpobome a.k.a Ali Baba and Lawrence Oluwaseyitan a.k.a Seyi Law, have decried challenges comedians face in getting sponsorship for shows.

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Veteran comedian, Ali Baba, took to his Instagram page while responding to a fan question on why Very Important Personalities (VIP) tickets were expensive in Nigeria comedy shows. He attributed it to the cost of planning the show, adding that the VIPs were the ones that bore the cost of the show.

“alibabagcfr @Collinsmohot because the VIPs bear the cost of the show. If your show costs you N150million, how much regular tickets will return your investment? Say the hall is 2,000 capacity, how much will regularly pay? Besides, the cost of planning a show oversea is far cheaper,” he wrote.

He added that the cost of planning a show overseas was cheaper than shows in Nigeria.

Similarly, Seyi Law said that the cost and demands of hosting an event in the country without sponsorship drive up ticket pricing. The comedian commended Ali Baba on his response to his fans on his Instagram page.

“Thanks, @alibabagcfr for constantly educating the people about the activities of entertainers and events managers. I can’t write the epistle needed to drive home this point. The cost and class demands of the events in Nigeria without sponsorship drive up ticket pricing.

“These and more are the reasons we are constantly grateful to media houses that oblige us their platforms for advertising. Now, AFCON is encroaching into that territory to frustrate our efforts.

“What is the government doing to encourage these businesses that create 100 to 200 direct and indirect jobs per show? Make I leave the matter for now. I am looking for sponsors for my Abuja show abeg,” Seyi asserted.

The duo is known for their various comedy around the globe and they have contributed immensely to the growth and development of the entertainment industry.

They have also won numerous awards, which made them outstanding in their careers.

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