I Can Outdo JAY Z In A Freestyle Session’ –VECTOR

Prolific Nigerian rapper, Olanrewaju Ogunmefun, otherwise known as tha Viper (VEC), is renowned in Nigeria and beyond for his distinctive rap and smooth delivery on the mic. The Ogun state born rapper who participated in the 2013 Hennessy Artistry wants to take on the King of New York, Roc-A-fella boss, to a freestyle battle. Here’s what he said during an interview
with ENCOMIUM Weekly:
If you had a moment with Jay Z, what will you tell him?
I will really like to freestyle with him. I hear he doesn’t write in the studio and that’s cool but somewhere in my head I’m thinking we can outdo that guy. I’d like for him to see that hip-hop for Naija no be beans.
I was never a fan of Jay Z, the guy makes good music, but I have seen a couple of freestyle he did on youtube, not impressed. Vector on the other hand is a versatile freestyle rapper that should murder Jay any day, any where.


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  1. Jefak007 says

    I believe it, cos I don't see what JayZ raps, Vector has more punches and all…

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