GIST: Statement from music video director Sesan regarding Skelewu video

Davido tweeted yesterday that the video we all saw
wasn’t the official one and someone betrayed him
by releasing it. He also said he’s re- shooting the
video with UK based music video director Moe
Musa. has responded to all the hoopla. See
his statement below
My attention is drawn toward the chaos
surrounding the release of the
video .Myself and my team shot the video for
Davido in Nigeria and to the best of my knowledge
my client and his team were very happy with the
result, when they watched/ and approved the video.
If he has since had a change of heart, that is ok. I
am not in any way responsible for the release of the
video. I believe Davido and myself did a very good
job regarding the video production and as a
professional of over 10 years. I find it very
irresponsible and immature if my client and his
management publicly put out false statements/
comments, in an attempt to tarnish my name,
credibility and
I remain dedicated, humble, focused and as hard
working as ever. Thank you to all my fans and
industry professionals – Stay blessed. See Davido’s
Tweets Below.


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