29yrs-old Man Kills His Mother, says He Believes She’s A Witch


“A 29-year-old , Ekene Ucheagwu, who his is a , who used her witchcraft to block the progress of her surviving four children has killed the 65-year old woman in Anambra State. He also accused her for not letting any of them get married including his 45-year old brother and his elder sisters.


Ekene told policemen that even though he regrets his action now, they will all know he did the right thing when the kingdom of God comes. Here’s how the cobbler narrated how he managed to kill her;


“I decided to kill her because she did not allow the spirit of God to come into our family. Once she cursed anybody, that person will never progress and she was doing it to my brothers and sisters very often. I am the only one among her six children (two later died) that knew her secrets.



My elder brother, who is 45 years old is yet to get married and nobody in our area agrees to marry any of my sisters or their daughters to marry any of us.


When I confronted her by calling her ‘queen of the coast’, she tried to kill me, having known that I knew her secrets and that was why I decided to kill her first.


I hit her on the head with a big st!ck at night, she slumped and died and I carried her in a wheelbarrow that night to the Obukwu bush in my community where I burnt her body to ashes,” he narrated.



Ekene was later banned from his community when he couldn’t explain the whereabouts of his mother to community elders. He then fled to Aba where he continued his life, before men of the Special Anti Robbery Squad, SARS apprehended him. “

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