Abandoned Day old Baby Found Along Ipamesan-Anisere Area in Sango Ota

Even as humans or nigerians precisely claim to be living in hard conditions, no body wants to die and no body in his/her right senses would want to lose their kid, Even the Mentally deranged hold their kids dearest to them. Im sure you have seen situations where mad women cater for their kid(s) and allow no one come an inch close.

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In the Early Hours of today, Wednesday the 2nd of March, A day old baby was found abandoned, laying in wrappers in the cold of the night Opposite Ipamesan-Anisere Road in Sango Ota. Goody P of MPmania was there in first light and took images.. How could ladies be this heartless, this is your kid for God’s sake…. The Police got there, subdued the crowd and took the Baby Away without saying anything. The Nigerian Red Cross Society and Motherless Baby are said to Join in at the Police Station. We are currently awaiting for more Details.

Images can be found below:Abandoned Day Old Baby-MPmania 1 Abandoned Day Old Baby-MPmania 2 Abandoned Day Old Baby-MPmania 3 Abandoned Day Old Baby-MPmania 4 Abandoned Day Old Baby-MPmania 5 Abandoned Day Old Baby-MPmania 7


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