Castro Turns Out to be Alive, Proof Available

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Couple of days back, we gave a report that one of Ghana’s finest artiste, feared dead after reportedly drowning in a Jet Ski accident in Ada.

Looking at the controversies surrounding his death, SEPTIN911 team followed up the story.

Finally, going through Castro’s facebook profile, we met it updated, how strange! It could have been one of his team members updating the profile, but later an hacker claimed responsibility of the updates. SEPTIN911 presented this Information to us.

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But before the hacker claimed the updates, an old album/song art was posted, later with a post of a gospel album, later updated the profile picture.

While Castro’s family members are still requesting for his “lifeless body” which is yet to be found, someone who claimed to be an “hacker” is playing sensitive “games” on Castro’s facebook profile.

Behold, artistes can go to any length in their publicity stunts.

Check the screenshots below and tell us what you think, is Castro really dead or ?



cass6 - Copy cas7 - Copy cas5 - Copy cas4 - Copy cas3 - Copy


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