Celebrities Are Famous And Broke – Banky W

Friday, September 27, 2013

Celebrities Are Famous And Broke – Banky W

Bankole Wellington aka Banky W is a
household name in the Nigerian music industry, having made his mark, making hit songs and grooming the likes of Wizkid, Skales, among others.
In this interview, he talks about his
relationship, being a celebrity and what his future plans are.

What have you been up to recently?
I’ve been working hard, pretty much. On the music side, I’ve been working on collaborations with different artistes. I’ve recently completed really good songs for Black Magic, Sarkodie, MoCheddah, Lynxxx, Ketchup, Victoria Kimani and Vector. Internally (within EME), I’m contributing to Wizkid’s album, as well as projects for Skales, ShayDee and Niyola.

Outside of all this, I’ve been giving speeches at various events, as well as working on a couple of potentially great movie projects.

Is Banky in a relationship?
Not at the moment. Tell us something no one knows about you.
I’m not sure how many people know this, but I shave my head and shape my beard myself. I’m my own barber. I’ve been doing it for years. It
started when I was in University and didn’t have a lot of money, I learnt to maintain it myself so I didn’t need to spend money on it every week. And now I’m good at it so I’m my own barber. I will probably open a barbershop at some point.
Coming up at the 10th position of the

Forbes rating, how did you feel?
I don’t believe very much in such things. Let’s be honest, the real wealthy people are the businessmen like Dangote and the politicians
(some of whom got there by looting Nigeria).

They’re the ones with real money. This entertainment business is too much hype. It is more fame than fortune. So I’m not thrilled to it and I don’t think any of us should buy into it too much. I’d rather be wealthy and quiet than famous and broke.

What is your normal day like?
I try to pray but I definitely need to do a better job at that. At least three or four times a week, I try to put in work-out sessions with my personal
trainer. After that it’s a mix of things; meetings, press obligations, social outings and performances or appearances that I’m booked to

How did you manage having a scandal free reputation?
I’d say probably the same reasons I stated above, plus, I carry myself the way I want people to see me and treat me. I’m no saint; trust me, not at all. But I am careful about how
much I leave out there because people will use any and everything possible against you to bring you down.

How do you relax?
I try to sneak into the movie theatres
occasionally, I hang out with friends and family, I read novels, and I love to travel and just go to places where less people know me so I can walk around and chill.

You like hats a lot, why?
I have stopped wearing them a lot because people make too much of a big deal about it; my last CD cover, I went without it, and I do that a lot more these days. However, I really do like hats, and I think they add to my styling and make me stand out from the crowd.

Last word.
To the fans, thank you so much and God bless you all real good.

Source: Nigerian Tribune

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