Child Abuse: Father Arrested After Abusing Three Children


A father was arrested and will be charged with child abuse after he allegedly abused his three children, Israel Police said.
Petah Tikva Police said that the father was arrested on Sunday, after being accused of abusing his three children aged 8, 9, and 12.
Police appointed a special child investigator who questioned the three children. The children reported that one of them was beaten with a broomst!ck until it broke for getting up late, while another child was burned with a hot kitchen utensil because the father suspected that he stole money from him.
The father’s third child said that he is suffering foot pain because his father beat him. The father denied the charges against him.
The abuse came to light after one of the boys arrived to school with a severe burn. When questioned by his teacher he initially said that his brother accidentally burned him, but later he admitted that his father abused him.
The boy also told his teacher that his father once threw him to the floor and stepped on his head. The suspect will be brought before the Petah Tikva Magistrate’s Court for a bail hearing, while charges are still pending.

Date 2014-04-02

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