Daughter to Cecilia Ibru, Vivi finds Herself in Divorce Drama

Cecilia-IbruThe 8 year old marriage between Vivi, the daughter of defunct Oceanic Bank CEO, Cecilia Ibru and her husband, Aleksander Stankov, has been dissolved by the court, Encomium magazine, reports.

The high court of Imo state presided over by Honorable Justice Ngozi Opara severed the marital vows that existed between the two once-upon-a-time lover after Aleksander approached the court to seek for the dissolution of his marriage to Vivi who is the mother of his three children.

For sometime now, Vivi and Aleksander have been staying apart with Aleks accusing his wife of refusal to play the dutiful and humble wife. No one took them serious at the initial stage until the period Vivi moved out of their matrimonial home with the couple’s three children. All entries from Family and friends to reconcile the two parties didn’t work as their dream of a beautiful future together came crashing down.”

Vivi however is not taking the divorce issue likely. Immediately, she got notice her marriage has been dissolved at the instance of her husband, she went to court to obtain a restraining order baring her estranged husband from coming close to the children. Her prayers were reportedly granted at the Principal Registry of the Family Division in London. Her claim was Aleks is violent and assaults her at will.

To counter her claim, Aleksander rushed to obtain his own order granting him access to the children which he also got with the condition that Vivi and her mother, Mrs Cecilia Ibru must be there anytime Alek makes contact with the children at an agreed date and time.
As the legal fireworks rage, Aleksander moved to Nigeria and filed for another divorce in Imo state, Nigeria and ultimately obtained dissolution of the marriage which is what Vivi is challenging in court now. She claimed in her own petition that she was not aware of the case filed by her husband. She is in the court of appeal to overturn the judgement of the lower court in the dissolution of the marriage, maintaining it was obtained by fraud. Presently, Vivi is in London while the fight to reverse the judgement, especially the position which she gave her estranged husband the custody of the children continues.
Aleksander Stankov and Vivi got married at Our Savior’s church, lagos in 2006. Vivi’s mother, Cecilia Ibru pulled heavyweights to the lavish wedding of the year and eight years on, the union has packed up. On Friday August 29th 2014, we sent a message to Vivi who is presently in London for her reaction. She didn’t reply till we went to the press.

Culled from Encomium magazine 

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