“Dear Headies” – Open Letter by @RealBabymouth

Dear Headies,

“*Drinks Water, drops cup* should I still call you HEADIES? NO! After yesterday’s poor event, I will rather call you ASSDIES! So many wrong things at this year’s edition Naija grammy.”

I remember how I celebrated my 10th birthday, WOW! It was lit! But for ASSDIES? I felt sorry for her and her past achievements with all that happened yesterday.

Firstly, let’s talk about SOUND! I think the organisers should have called SOUNDcity TV for a great help. The people in charge of sound yesterday should be charged to court this morning if they collected money for that whack work. 80% of viewers complained of holding their remote control throughout the show because of the bad sound system. I was so glued to my TV not because I couldn’t see clearly but because I couldn’t hear a bit of what the hosts/artistes said almost all through the show. C’mon! This is HIP TV! This is HEADIES! one of the best award shows in Nigeria and what pains me most is the fact that it was the 10th Anniversary and everything had to go like that. What a shame! Let’s work on this department next year please.

Secondly, Light issue at the beginning/middle and end of the show. Wait! We know we are Africans! We are blacks! But please don’t give us that on stage. I could bearly see the faces of those that came out to perform 1st and the ones that came to give some awards. If we plan to do somethings right, we need to plan well. It’s clear, headies didn’t plan well and it’s painful to see one of the biggest shows in Africa in that mess.

Thirdly, with no sugar in my mouth so I won’t sugar say anything, the production was generally BAD! Should we talk about the Timing too? The programs? It was just not cool for making some artistes and the hosts looked amateur because of lack of timing and programs. We watched more of advertisements than the show yesterday or were they part of the event too? I got confused and vexed at some point though. We also need to work on this! This is our grammy like they said and still say.

Fourthly, now it’s time to get serious. The issue of awards! What ever happened on stage yesterday was all confusing. It all started when the award for “Best Music Video” was given to Reekadobanks for his “Not too good video” ( KATAPOT) Unlimited deserved it and yes he won but if I didn’t know how good he is, I would never credit him for that award. Katapot? Like Katapot? Lol we really should “Katapot” the organisers for giving that video the best of the year. I have always had problem/s with Headies when it comes to awards and yesterday again, they didn’t correct that or made me change my mind. The most controversial time yesterday was when the award for “Next Rated” was also given to Mavin Artiste Reekadobanks. I need the organisers to come out with the voting poll/s and let us see how true the whole issue is and to keep the fans of each artiste shut. Would have loved to see Kesh or Kiss as the winner for that category but whatever went behind the scenes though. Reekky deserved it if they really used voting though and I’m happy for the young lad. KESH was consistent with dope songs ( Shoki, Efejoku, Is It Because I Love You) all through the year, got many shows to back his hard works. KISS also had a great year even though he didn’t release more than 3/4 songs that really did so well in Nigerian music industry. Korede bello also had a nice year with his hit song “Godwin” which collected “Best Pop Single”. Oh well, it’s been done and I congratulate Reekky for the award and to the other next rated nominees that didn’t win? Keep making music! Before I forget, I love “Sugar baby” nice jam!

Why must we always have beef? The industry is now an abattoir? We need to stop all these unnecessary beefs and come together as one! I believe we can only grow as a body if we are united and we don’t even need Van gaal to do that for us. To my egbons, Donjazzy and Olamide, please forget the beef and wait for ramadan because it’s a new year.

Finally, I salute Mr Ayo Animashaun for putting together that event and I must say it’s not an easy job to pull that work through. I just need us to work more on the issues that made the show looked bad. Also, to all the winners, I say a big congratulations and I wish you well this year.

Written by Aderogba Adediji | Twitter:- @RealBabymouth

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