Drugs & Herpes; Rapper, Cardi B sues Bloggers over claims

is suing for making some outrageous claims, including saying Cardi’s a prostitute who has .

Cardi filed the lawsuit against Latasha K — who has a blog called unWinewithTashaK. She’s pissed about 23 videos Tasha’s posted over the last 14 months.

According to the suit, Tasha posted a video last April saying Cardi’s baby might be born with intellectual disabilities.

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The inference seems to be Cardi was doing that would harm then-unborn Kulture.

She’s also suing Starmarie Ebony Jones, who, according to the suit, posted a video in September accusing Cardi of doing Molly, cocaine and engaging in prostitution.

Jones allegedly says of Cardi, “Just a Grammy-nominated prostitute running around spreading her herpes.”


(Ladun Liadi)


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