Ebola is Almost Out of Naija, What Happens to the N1.9b Fund Disbursed

EbolaOutbreak2012 ebola tweet“Nigeria’s Health Minister Prof. Chukwu announced yesterday that there’s only one confirmed case of in Nigeria now…that everyone else has been certified clean; which begs the question, what happened to the N1.9billion released by Pres. Jonathan for the management of Ebola in Nigeria?

Looks like the money will now be used to buy cars and other things. sha! Lol. Continue, it gets more interesting…
During his press conference yesterday, Prof. Chukwu, denied the money was for the management of the virus, saying it was for the ministry of health and will be used to buy cars and other things
“The N1.9billion approved by the president was for the federal ministry of health. It is not for Ebola . It will be used to procure more vehicles for working which have been ordered. It would be used to procure more drugs that have been ordered… and other items.

“In the case of Lagos state, after the president met commissioners of health, the president then asked the minister of health to discuss with the technical people and money has been approved for Lagos state,” the minister said.

Well, that’s totally contrary to the announcement Presidential spokesperson Reuben Abati made on August 8th

“President Jonathan also approved a Special Intervention Plan and the immediate release of N1. 9 billion for its implementation, to further strengthen on-going steps to contain the virus such as the establishment of additional isolation centres, case management, contact tracing, deployment of additional personnel, screening at borders, and the procurement of required items and facilities.”

Beat FM OAP Dami asks the important questions…”
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