Egyptian/Nigerian Songstress Randa Eissa (@randaeissamusic) Delves Into Nigerian Music Scene


Randa Eissa popularly known as Iferan is half Nigerian, half Egyptian and was born 2/1/1989. she’s a Capricorn and graduated from faculty of Maritime Logistics. Randa always dream of becoming a singer since she was 12, started training herself at 15, “I remember singing Hero for Mariah Carey in front of the mirror in the bathroom, and I was wondering why can’t I hit this high note? Will I ever be able to?” Randa says. Randa continued practicing and practicing teaching herself, until she was able to hit this dream high note at 17 and even much more.

Randa gets inspired greatly by Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Brian McKnight. She says: “I noticed gradually my key range of my voice has increased as I practice more and more, and that’s how I practice, I try to sing Whitney’s and Mariah’s songs, exactly the same as how they sing it, then I know my own style will come later on, which is who I am.

Randa is also a model, started modeling in 2008, on her first fashion show on stage she was of coarse scared and shaking, but singing live before starting modeling made her less scared than other starters.

She loves everything artistic, she’s so much into designs, for interior designs, paintings, specially the random ones that can give many meanings according to the things the person looking at the paint has been through.

“In my opinion, a singer is also a model, I’d focus more with singing because I love it more and at the same time i’ll still be a model, and its not just about the looks, it’s the love of the people, which is a big gift from God” Randa continues: “I’m a dreamy person, I can’t live without dreams, and I do my best to make them come true, some do, and some don’t, and some do when I already have forgotten about them!!!!”

Randa has many unique ideas, she will bring them out one by one, as time goes by. “Sometimes I think I’m crazy to have such ideas in my head,, but I also think they are fun, unique and new, some people may understand me, and some wont”

Randa is like Miss Wanna Do It All & Have It All. Randa sings, models, writes lyrics, do her own melodies, and even composes music, she hardly sleeps, she works too much, she is a fast learner, she wants to learn everything, too ambitious, never stop dreaming, never stop fighting to make her dreams come true. Randa hates the word “Lazy”, she can never be lazy, unless she is sick at home! And not for long, her only cure is to do something she loves and she will get inspiration which helps her getting recovered fast!

Randa has two extremes, she can be too crazy, and too calm, act like a kid at times, be too mature in another moment, too dreamy, but keeps it real. She has many plans for the upcoming years, and she is up to where life will take her, she is not afraid to face the world and make her circle bigger with music industry and others.

Randa was recently discovered by the CEO Of Black Wall Street Africa, Mr Suni Osorun while in Egypt. She has since been signed into the label and will be releasing great music soonest. Be on the Look out!

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