Eniola Badmus said this about her relationship status

Nollywood actress, also known as Gbogbo big girls pens up on her love life and social media trolls.


Badmus revealed she didn’t always have the support of her family as she chased the bright lights of Nollywood.

The actress spoke about her love life and the current state of the Nigerian film industry.

According to her, “When I started out, I wasn’t fully prepared. What I got after my career kicked off was far from my dreams.”

The actress who recently revealed she’s in a relationship had this to say, “Those are the things I don’t like talking about. Let us just talk about my career. I don’t believe in talking about personal issues to the press and social media. They won’t make such relationship last.

Her take on celebrities and social media, “Nigerians in the diaspora do not really have loyal fans. My fans are other celebrities’ fans. We don’t have fans that wouldn’t move out from you. So, I don’t reply them. I am a comic person. I don’t reply them. Nothing gets to me. There are some comments that get to me but I don’t reply.

I am not about that. They are the same set of people that will praise me tomorrow. It is better to ignore such comments.

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