Etisalat Bis is Working on Non BB Devices ( Now let Airtel do their Worst)

Being online 24/7 is getting interesting
everyday as Telecommunication

company threaten to BLOCK non users from using BBPlans to browse the internet.


Am happy to tell you that we have found
another good alternative to replace Airtel BB plans if eventually They Block Non BB
devices on BB plans.

BBplan is even more better than that of Airtel Bis because Bis will give you 3GB for #1000 and their network is superb for browsing while Airtel will only give you for 2GB for #1,500 and they are still
threating to block it.

How To Set Up Etisalat Bis To Work On PC, Android, Symbian and Others

    ¶ Subscribe to monthly blackberry
    complete plan by dialing *499*3# cost #1000
    Or weekly plan by dialing *499*3*1# cost
    ¶ Once the 1 month BB complete plan has
    been confirmed.
    ¶ Subscribe again to blackberry 10 daily
    plans by dialing * 599*3*2# cost #100 and
    15mb will be giving to you.
    ¶ Now, Set your APN to
    ¶ Save and exit.
    Connect and enjoying your browsing.
    Note: The BB10 daily plan will help clears
    all the mucus of BB complete data for you to
    be able to browse with it on Non BB Devices.
    THE gig given (*399#)
    If you this is way too complicated for you
    to do or you have any complain setting it,
    kindly use the comment box of you
    contact us on our facecook fanpage Here


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