Family of Late Dr Adadevoh’s younger sister Denies She tested positive for Ebola

Dr-Ameyo-Adadevoh“The Adadevoh has denied reports that the younger of . Ameyo Adadevoh (pictured above) who died of the virus, has to Ebola and has been hospitalized.

Despite sources insisting that Amy Ngozi Adadevoh tested positive and has been moved to the isolation treatment centre in Lagos, the family says this is not true.
This information is 100% incorrect. As I am sure you are aware, positive Ebola cases are announced by the Minister of Health. You can check with the official list from the Health Ministry. Amy got a clean bill of health yesterday after her EVD test result came back negative. She left the hospital much earlier in the day and is now home thanking God. The Adadevoh family is well known and very popular and this misinformation is causing a lot of extra grief.” A family source told Linda Ikeji

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