Fishermen in China Town Catch Giant Whale Shark

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“These amazing pictures shows a two-tonne being driven through a in strapped to a fisherman’s truck who had caught it when the whale broke into his net to eat the fishes it had caught but died soon afterwards.

Speaking to local news station Cai Chengzhu said he and his colleagues had been hauling their net out of the water when they noticed a gaping hole in the side. It’s believed that the giant creature broke the net and got inside to eat the fishes we caught before it died, he said.

Cai then strapped the whale to his truck and drove towards the market before officials from the Fujian fisheries department stepped in because it is illegal to either buy or sell whale sharks in China, where they are classed as protected.

They had planned to sell the gigantic fish, thought to be a juvenile, between 10,000 and 20,000 yuan (£960-£1920).”

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