GEJ – I’m Only Concerned About How I Will Be Remembered By Present And Future Nigerians After Leaving Office

Date 2013-11-03

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Yes, he said “I’m not bothered about criticisms” Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan has said that he is not bothered about negative comments some people make about him.

Jonathan, who likened holding political offices to death, described the world as a stage where everybody must play his part.

He suggested that politicians should make the thoughts of how they would be remembers after leaving office their guiding principle.

Speaking at the funeral of his mother-in-law, Late Mrs. Charity Oba, in Okrika Local Government Area of Rivers State, the President extolled the virtues of her wife’s foster mother, adding that the deceased played her part well while on earth.

“To me as a political leader and most of my friends here who are politicians, politics or holding political offices is almost like death. While you are there, you are on the stage. The day you leave, what would people remember you for? That has always been my guiding principle.

“No matter the comments; whether the comments are to the left or the comments are to the right or at the centre, what challenges me everyday is what the present and future generations of Nigerians will remember me for the day I step out of the State House.

“I believe that is what will guide most of us who are holding political offices. So, for today, I have to thank you. Sisi has done well and we are remembering her. My family is the family that will surely remember her.

“In fact when her biography was being read, my children were crying. My children appear to be the last set of children that she brought up. That should tell you how we feel about her. As a mother-in-law, she was a wonderful woman.

“If you have such a lady as a mother-in-law, you will continue to thank God. Though she stayed very shortly, but we are happy and we will continue to remember her and all the things she did to support my wife and me. I enjoined all of you to pray for her that the soul of Mama Sisi rest in the bossom of the Lord,” the President said.

He described the death of her mother-in-law as painful, adding that her wife’s mother left when the ovation was very loud.

According to him, “It is painful, but also reminds me about the word of Shakespeare that we all come to earth and the world is a stage where we will all play our part. In one way or the other, we will play our part.”

Source: PunchNG


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