GOSSIP : Mohits Reunion Coming Soon???

I was in my cave few days ago listening to the greatest hits from D’banj when he was at his peak and most of the songs, I heard “It’s Don Jazzy Again”. The feeling was magical, the song was automatically just dope with that ad-lib.
 Sometimes people say two people are not meant to be together forever but trust me Don Jazzy and D’banj made music for Africa so they should remain together. Truth is D’banj’s music paved way for many musicians in Nigeria only few artists would deny this because they are in denial.
Since Dbanj & Don Jazzy grew apart, I honestly think they have both been struggling trying to find their niche, Dbanj is trying to find his comfort zone with other producers (I’ve heard some s!ck unreleased tunes he did with Jay Sleek) but still might not make waves the way his songs with Don Jazzy did. Don Jazzy is a great producer (No.1 in Africa) and i said few weeks ago he can build an empire with new talents but he’s got to be a happy space to do that, you have to be in sync with an artist to make beautiful music.

Don Jazzy can build an empire in the industry….he should sign new young talents…his record label can be our own Def Jam..
— Ponpi (@teaponpi) September 6, 2013

Mohits Reunion? 
I see Don Jazzy & Dbanj tweet each other once in a while, i think the fight(beef) is over. Recently, they both performed at a wedding. For an artist to get on a stage with another artist they must have mutual agreement or some type of chemistry for that to happen.
KaySwitch (Dbanj’s Brother) gave wande coal a shout out in an interview with E-Xtra; he said ”Wande Coal thaught me music” prior to that interview they kept their distance because Daddy(Dbanj) and Mommy(DonJazzy) are fighting.

Moving Forward

The reunion is here, infact they are cooking something together. Don’t ask me how i know, but my super powers don’t fail me. They might be hiding it but you can just tell Don Jazzy wants to make good music with Dbanj all over again. D’banj might not be showing it via twitter (He’s not really a social media person) but from my source (someone close to Dbanj) it’s something he talks about and misses. Check out Don Jazzy’s tweet few hours ago.

#Nowthatmikelscored maybe Mavin can change to mohits again. ……. Khona
— Michael Collins (@DONJAZZY) September 21, 2013

Source:- TayoTv

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