House Help Kidnaps Employees Children Barely 1 Week After Employement

abducted-kids“The once peaceful home of Lagos residents Mr and Mrs Elvis Esharegaran has been thrown into disarray as their newly hired house help has absconded with their two children.

2-year-old Rafael and 15-month old Michael, children of the Esharegaran’s, were apparently kidnapped by their house help, Juliet on Sunday, December 7, 2014, exactly one week after she was hired.

Juliet, who is believed to be in her late 20s, is said to have ‘left home’ with the kids, after their bedridden grandmother and her nurse went to sleep.

The Esharegaran’s were shocked to find their kids missing from home when they returned at about 10pm. ‘They were nowhere to be found’, a family member tells Pulse.

Juliet, supposedly an indigene of Osun State, was hired with the aid of an agency which arranges househelps for families in Lagos.

It is uncertain if the boys’ kidnappers will demand a ransom as no contact has been made with the parents.

Mr Elvis Esharegaran is a businessman who is involved in Information Technology while his wife works with a new generation bank.

A family member who chose to remain anonymous said that the Esharegarans had come along with Juliet for a visit to their home on Sunday.

“She came to our house with the family. She told us her name and said she was from Osun State. I’m not sure if that’s true anymore because I don’t know many people from Osun who bear English names.”

“She was very friendly and nice and she got along well with the boys. She didn’t look like she could hurt anyone,” the family member added.

Juliet’s phone has been switched off since she disappeared with Michael and Rafael and even the agency that arranged her employment is unable to reach her.

The family has reported their children’s disappearance to the police and and investigations into the incident are currently ongoing.

Any valid information should be sent to Darlington on 08037071370 or the nearest police station.”

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