How Events Affect P0rn Habits – [16+]


Finally, a p0rn site that offers what you really want: statistical analysis. P0rnhub, a massive XXX network that clocks about a billion visits monthly (more than BuzzFeed!), has published a study focusing on how worldwide impact p0rn consumption. It combed through its data and compiled all the info about p0rn watching you never wanted to know. Because who hasn’t thought, “I wonder how many people are watching p0rn right now?” just after closing an incognito tab.

The groundbreaking study found that, for example, the release of the first iPad increased American p0rn consumption by 9%; what P0rnhub hasn’t confirmed is whether this spike coincides with girlfriends everywhere finding super secret hiding spaces for their beloved tablets. The site also determined that the royal wedding caused an initial 15% drop in U.K. p0rn watching, followed by “huge spikes in p0rn for the rest of the day.”

Come back next time for more innovative data visualization from P0rnhub, a site that I’ve totally never visited before writing this, I swear!

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