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How Meek Mill’s Constant Cheating Led To Nicki Minaj Dumping Him

After posting subliminal shots at each other and unfollowing themselves on social media, Nicki Minaj and Meek are indeed broken up, BOSSIP reports.


He has reportedly bought a new home and they no longer live together.

According to the gossip site, Meek and Nicki’s troubles were allegedly caused by his alleged ongoing cheating with a lady named Sonye, who has allegedly been in the picture for well over a year — and is alleged to have benefited by having Meek bankroll the boutique she owns.

The insider tells BOSSIP that Sonye allgedly tells anyone within earshot how much money Meek spends on her and how he bought her a boutique…

Insiders say Sonye is already a member of Meek’s inner circle thanks to her close relationships with the girlfriends of Meek’s entourage member Deen Muhammed and his cousin P Mon.

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