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Mpmania Mix 39

Mpmania Mix 39

“I Desire S*x 7 Times a Day, But My Boyfriend is Lazy and Can Do Just 2 Rounds”

A woman has cried out for help as the boyfriend cannot satisfy her the way she wants because of her high drive for s*x.


Dear readers,

Please help me! I have been dating this guy for 5months now, and it has been crazy! We have s*x like thrice in a week and it’s killing me. I want it over 7 times a day everyday!

I live with him in his hostel in school. I won’t lie. I havea medical condition called – nymphomania. I desire s*x a lot and it’s driving me crazy!

I love my boyfriend so much, but he can’t go more than 2 rounds in a day. We just do it 3 times in a week! IT’S JUST CRAZY! When I desire at least 4 everyday non-stop! What shouldI do? Should I just break up with him and move to another person!

Nymphomania is a mental disorder marked by compulsive S3xual behaviour. Compulsions are unwanted actions, or rituals, that a person engages in s*x repeatedly without getting pleasure from them or being able to control them.

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