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Johnny Depp’s bodyguard says Amber Heard is lying to win big divorce payout

Johnny Depp’s bodyguard says the Hollywood star’s estranged wife Amber Heard is ‘making up’ claims of domestic abuse in order to boost her divorce settlement, it is claimed.


His long serving minder was overheard making comments on the messy divorce at the hotel lobby where Depp’s band is staying ahead of their gig in Denmark on Wednesday night.
According to Mailonline,Jerry Judge, who has been Depp’s security for 15 years, was heard saying:

 ‘The things she is saying are not true… She is making things up to hurt Johnny’s reputation and make her look like the victim.

‘She is exaggerating what she says he did to her to get a bigger divorce payout… that’s the only reason. To say Johnny assaulted her is a lie. She is making it up.’I don’t believe her… Johnny wouldn’t hurt her.

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