“I Will kill Grandmothers Who Smoke Weed” – Snoop Dogg : Video

Snoop-Dogg-weed-smoking-grandmas“Snoop dogg may look like a weed guru but he would not want old women above 70 to smoke weed and admit they would want him to part take in it.

In an interview with TMZ, outside the Forum in Inglewood yesterday, the rapper said he was worried he might ‘kill the three grandmas who famously smoked weed for the first time’.

If you are lost, here is the story:

In a 6minute video by cut.com that went viral,  three grandmothers were recorded smoking weed for their first time in Washington State – where the recreational ise of marijuana has been legalized – and all explained why.

One of them, Paula (the dark haired one in the video) told TMZ she’d love the chance to “twist one up with Snoop.”
She also told the site she prefers vaporizers (even though Snoop likes blunts): “He is welcome in my kitchen any day. We can cook pot brownies. He’s too thin, I’ll fatten him up if he comes over.”

Well, when Snoop was told, he said ,“I won’t want to kill no grandmas… I would do it with youngstars…. I ain’t giving no grandmas any cardiac arrest”.

If you were Snoop would do smoke with those three grannies?”


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