“I like Donjazzy and Clarence Peters & Can Date Phyno” – Maheeda


Controversial nudist/singer, in an interview with the Saturday Tribune, talks about her marriage, her celebrity crush and the rest.

Check out what she had to say below:

In the industry, do you have male musicians that you admire?
I used to like Don Jazzy, because of the way they work and act, but I have new artistes that I like now… but I can’t name them.

But if you had the chance to a Nigerian, who would it be?
Maybe .

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Maheeda who is known to say it as it is also spoke about her carefree lifestyle saying it’s all about the money and nothing else.
She says her husband, a Dutch, has no reservations over her nud.e images surfacing online.

Hear her;

Your unclad photos, are they publicity stunts or the real you?
You know now, it’s just to get the job done and for my fans to get the full package of what they are paying for.

Is your hubby not bothered about seeing your nud.e pictures all over the internet?
He loves it, he always says, ‘oh, so my wife is this se.xy’. There was a time he read online that Maheeda is one of the hottest women in Nigeria, he called me and said. ‘can you imagine, I’m married to one of the se.xiest women in Nigeria’ and he was happy about it. People are different, but that is my husband’s own way.

What if gets fed up and decides to file for a divorce?
Ahn, Ahn, that’s his luck now, do you know how many men are running after me?


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