Lisa Omorodion said this about Men Intimidated by Hardworking Women

has said men who find hardworking women intimidating are cowards and should not be condoned. Lisa who spoke with Punch also spoke about her SELLING POINT.


Only a coward will find me intimidating; if you know your worth and you’re confident of your abilities, I see no reason why a hard-working woman like me should make a man feel inferior.


Therefore, a man should find these qualities attractive rather than intimidating. I get a lot of advances from men everywhere I go and I think it is typical of any beautiful woman like me.

About her selling point, the beautiful actress said;

“I think I’m a total package. If you get to know me and hear me speak, you would realise how determined I am and will also automatically be drawn to me. Men approach women for a lot of reasons. All you have to do as a woman is study the man in order to know what his actual intentions are.”

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