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Maheeda has this to say about her critics

Maheeda has been called many things, but she obviously doesn’t take lightly to being called a bad mother and she has made that very clear in a new post.


The popular nudist singer had taken to Instagram to gush over how well behaved her 15-year-old daughter, Divine Sam, really is, while blasting critics for calling her a bad mother.

Maheeda shared a photo of herself, commenting:

“Any type of woman, holly woman, Virgin woman, Mad woman, P0rn woman, Pr0stitute etc … Gets respect from a man welled trained by a woman…. If you have no respect for women, your mum didn’t do her homework well enough… Is funny how u think I’m a bad mother but you can’t find my child on line insulting anybody for any reason… #XMother of the second you don’t have to agree with me … But I hav spoken. happy mums day …”

The singer has been made famous for her Nud3s which she has been very liberal with, a fact her German husband, has no problem with.

Maheeda is also known to do as she pleases, going as far as to reveal that she would be charging a 250 Euro for Face time sessions with her.

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