Man Arrested After Attempting To Rob GTBank With His Invisible Ring On

Date 2014-09-12

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man arrested by nigerian police for looting during strike1

It was a very hilarious scene in GTBank ,the berger paint branch that left several customers stunned,after a young man entered into the bank like a normal customer,carrying no gun or a weapon of any and attempted to rob the bank.

Eye witnesses said to Naijaloaded that he came in without being given any attention as he did not look like a threat until he jumped on the counter quietly and started putting money-stacks into his ghana-must-go bag.

He got the attention of everyone as their eyes were fixed at him and filled with amazement,wondering what the young man was truly up to.

After several minutes of watching him act unnoticed,he started heading for the exit and that was when the whole charade ended,as he was stopped by already waiting armed security men.

Several attempts to escape went futile, as he was overpowered in all ways. He got questioned to know If he was he a yaba left patient or whose backing he had to carry-out such an operation, but to the surprise of everyone, he said “nah one phone number i see for bus o, e talk say if I call dem go do anything I want, I call and go their place and dem give me ring wey suppose make me dey invisible for bank robbery..”

It all then came clear to everyone around that he thought he was invisible during the bank robbery, that’s why he acted the way he did.

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