Man Rapes And Kills His Own Mother While High On Drugs


A 27-year-old raped and brutally killed his own while drunk and high on drugs in Norton Fitzwarren, Somerset, , UK.

Alex McDonald was partying at work, drinking wine and even sniffed cocaine before returning to his mother’s home. His 57-year-old mother Catherine was sleeping when her son entered her bedroom and forced her to have s*x with him.


Whereupon he used at least three or four weapons, including knitting needles, scissors, knife and cable, to her. Then he tried briefly to remove traces of his presence before emptying his mother’s purse and fleeing in her car.

But he later crashed the car and got arrested by police who then went on to discover his mother had been murdered. According to pathologists, there were scratches and bruises on her face, body, arms, legs and neck as she struggled for survival in the attack.

The woman died from stab wounds and strangulation. Although a condom was found and DNA was discovered on the victim McDonald denies se.xual assault and murder. The trial continues. A similar incident occured several months ago with a teenager who stabbed his mother 11 times and reportedly cut off his own penis after he consumed mephedrone, known as meow meow, cannabis and alcohol.

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