Meek Mill Complains of Being on Probation for 11 Years

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Meek Mill can’t wait to get off probation after 11 years of having to seek permission from the law, and he’s taken to Twitter to lament.

Meek’s case goes all the way back to January 2007 when he was arrested at 19 years old on drug and gun charges. Judge Genece Brinkley found Meek guilty of some of those charges, the most serious of which carried up to 15 years in prison. He served five months and was placed on probation for eight years, which is when Meek’s saga really began.

Over the years that followed, Meek struggled to keep up with Judge Brinkley’s probation conditions. Eventually, Judge Brinkley revoked his probation in 2017 and sentenced him to two to four years in prison for violating probation. The Philadelphia judge who handed down the sentence said the musician had wasted several chances to clean up his act following a 2009 gun and drug case.


His sentence led to protests across the United States and he was eventually released in 2018. But he remains on probation, which means he needs permission to do certain things and go to certain places.

Lamenting the situation, Meek tweeted:

I just wanna get off probation I been on this shit my whole adult life … 11 years of asking for permission

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