Meet This 45 Year Old Man – He’s Addicted To Drinking PETROL [PHOTOS]

45-year-old Brian Taylor has a bizzare addiction to and has been caught severally at stations attempting to get high on gasoline.
The strange behaviour got him banned by the court in 2005 after he was caught slashing fuel pumps so he could drink the liquid and inhale toxic fumes.


According to reports from Daily Mail, after the fuel Taylor was spotted dancing around garage forecourts high on the toxic fumes.


Brian Taylor, 45, is addicted to petrol, and breached an order banning him from petrol station

Brian Taylor, 45, is to petrol, and breached an order banning him from petrol station

Taylor is banned from going to petrol stations and having petrol in public

Consequences: Taylor has been warned he faces a return to jail if he puts ‘one foot wrong’ in future
The holes Taylor left in the fuel lines would mean the next driver to use the pump would end up covered in petrol.
He was jailed, and given an Asbo banning him from forecourts and having petrol in public, but has repeatedly breached the order.
Taylor, from Brotton, near Middlesbrough, was arrested again after being spotted at two petrol stations on the same day – a Morrisons and a Tesco outlet, both in Redcar, north Yorkshire.
Court papers show that he was found with an open container of petrol.


He was brought before magistrates in Teesside, where he admitted the offences and was given a suspended 16-week prison term and told to pay £120 in costs.
Taylor’s lawyer said that he accepted he had ‘taken the drips from the petrol pumps’, which she described as ”not a particularly sophisticated offence.’
The court heard that, although his history was an aggravating factor, Taylor’s life was ‘a lot more settled than it has been in recent years’ and he was attending appointments with the probation service.


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