Megyn Kelly responds after being told to ‘fade away’

Days after  broke her silence on the rape and sexual harassment allegations against her former coworker Matt Lauer, she clapped back at a critic who said she should “just fade away.” Her response came as reported that the former NBC News host is prepping for her TV comeback.

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“She’s back and ready to use her powerful voice,” a media executive told Radar of Kelly, 48, who appeared on Fox News on Wednesday, October 16. “She’s taking meetings with several news agencies.”

According to the source, Kelly has set up a new production company and is looking for office space in New York City. She is also thinking about launching her own vodcast.

“She’s gathering information to do a vodcast which gives her flexibility and, more importantly, control over the news topics and the focus. She wants to use her company to focus on projects in the search for the truth. That’s her passion,” the insider told Radar.

While TV executives “have offered to team up with Megyn,” the former Fox News host is looking into doing it alone and is “weighing her options with different opportunities,” the insider added.

A second source revealed that she may also appear in a PBS documentary as an expert for a special on 10 years of divisiveness in the country.

In her Fox News interview on Wednesday, Kelly told host Tucker Carlson that there should be “an outside investigation” into how NBC handled the sexual assault and harassment allegations against Lauer, who was fired by the network in 2017.

Megyn Kelly Is Ready to Return to TV Amid New Matt Lauer Scandal
Megyn Kelly, Matt Lauer attend NBCUniversal Upfront Presentation, New York City on May 15, 2017. Curtis Means/Ace Pictures/Shutterstock


“They investigated themselves. That doesn’t work,” she said of allegations that NBC covered up the former Today show host’s sexual misconduct. “Fox News had an outside investigator. CBS News had an outside investigator, NPR, the NFL. This is how it’s done.”

She also called on the network to release Lauer’s accusers from any binding legal agreements.

“What did they know, and when did they know it?” Kelly said.

“Show us the money,” she continued. “The number one thing that needs to happen now is they need to release any and all Matt Lauer accusers from their confidentiality agreements. NBC says it has nothing to hide. Great. Let’s not hide anything.”

In Ronan Farrow’s new book, Catch and Kill: Lies, Spies, and a Conspiracy to Protect Predators, former NBC employee Brooke Nevils claimed that Lauer, 61, anally raped her in his hotel room during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. He was fired three years later, after she went to executives with her allegations.

Lauer’s lawyer shared a letter with Us Weekly on October 9 in which Lauer called her allegations “categorically false” and called the incident an “extramarital, but consensual, sexual encounter.”

On Saturday, October 19, Kelly, who left NBC in October 2018, had a fiery exchange on Twitter with ABC News chief political analyst Matthew Dowd, who wrote in a since-deleted tweet that she should stay out of the spotlight and “enjoy” the reported $30 million payout she received when she exited Megyn Kelly Today after controversy over remarks she made about blackface.

“I really don’t want to hear from either Matt Lauer or Megyn Kelly. Can’t they just fade away and enjoy their large pot of money,” Dowd wrote.

Yes, I could just sit back and “enjoy my money,” @matthewjdowd, but instead I’ve chosen to speak up for women being harassed and abused who have been muzzled by NDAs. Sorry you find that so annoying.

— Megyn Kelly (@megynkelly) October 19, 2019

“Yes, I could just sit back and ‘enjoy my money,’ @matthewjdowd,” she replied, “but instead I’ve chosen to speak up for women being harassed and abused who have been muzzled by NDAs. Sorry you find that so annoying.”

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