Metal singer’s 10 day old Daughter Throws Rock & Roll Sign!

“Popular Japanese heavy metal singer, Nao Hazuki, shared a photo, claiming his new born daughter flipped the sign at just 10 days old.”

The photo has since gone viral with many believing it’s photoshop.

The new dad, who fronts the Japanese heavy-metal band, Grollschwert, claim it’s not.

Some would believe that it was possible based on genes.

Just how possible is this?Popular-Japanese-heavy-metal-singer-Nao-Hazuki-shared-a-photo-claiming-his-new-born-daughter-flipped-rock-and-roll-sign-at-just-10-days-old Popular-Japanese-heavy-metal-singer-Nao-Hazuki-shared-a-photo-claiming-his-new-born-daughter-flipped-rock-and-roll-sign-at-just-10-days-old

Do you believe this is real of photoshopped?

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