Model Sues Mace Over Image used in His Artwork


Mase is being accused of stealing and image from model Stephanie Delgado’s Instagram to use as the art for his single, “Why Can’t We”.

Mase released his comeback single, “Why Can’t We”, last December, and while it didn’t really connect the way “Welcome Back” did, it has earned him a lawsuit. 

According to Stephanie Delgado, the model who appears on the single’s cover art, Mase swiped the picture off her Instagram without asking permission. 

Delgado– who goes by Stephanie Rao when modelling –is thus filing a lawsuit, after finding that the picture was being used to promote the song on over 40 different websites.

Delgado is looking for $60,000 in royalties for the art, as well as $180,000 in damages.


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