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Nollywoods Vicent Opurum says – “I will star in Hollywood movie soon”

Opurum first got his start in a Ramsey Nouah movie.
Vincent Opurum is a Kaduna-born Nollywood star,  known for his romantic roles.

In this interview with PREMIUM TIMES, the actor revealed his next role would be in a Nollywood-Kannnywood collaboration.

He also talks about his plan to act in Hollywood, his dream, which he is currently working on with his foreign agent.

PT: Many people see you as a “bad guy” considering the characters you take on; are you truly a womaniser?

Vincent: No, no, no! I have often been confronted by people for the “bad things” I do on film with women and other similar criticisms. And I tell them I’m not like that and it’s just acting.

Most people do not know that we are only actors, acting according to a script. We only act and get paid. Nothing is real there and that is not me in real life.

PT: Many people insinuate that you are not a Nigerian; that you are from Ghana. Is it true?

Vincent: Until my last two movies, which were in the Igbo language, many of my kinsmen in my own Imo State thought I was from Ghana too. But the truth is I am truly a Nigerian. I was born and grew up in Kaduna before I left for Lagos to join Nollywood.

PT: How did you join Nollywood?

Vincent: It all started in Kaduna. I have always had a passion for acting and one day, there was a movie production in Kaduna, starring Ramsey Nouah and Genevieve Nnaji, Shamless Romance. The producer needed some supporting actors from Kaduna. After auditioning, I was lucky to be selected. I played a bar man.

From there, I was on some local English TV series on NTA Kaduna. Finally, I decided to move to Lagos and soon started acting in Nollywood.

PT: Which of your movies is your favourite?
Vincent: Treasures, produced by Chico Ejiro, is my favourite. It was a movie that gave me a lot of fame and brought me to the limelight in Nollywood. It was a great movie indeed. Thanks to Chico Ejiro for having confidence in me then and giving me the role.

PT: Who is your Nollywood idol?
Vincent: Every great actor is my idol, but Ramsey Nouah has always been my mirror. I like his style of acting and
I think I emulate him.

PT: Do you intend to one day act in Kannywood, seeing as your career started in Kaduna?
Vincent: Yes, in fact, I am working on a script alongside Uzee concept, the producer of Maja and Oga Abuja, and with Kannywood’s Patience Ozokwor, Hassana da Hussaina, to produce one big Kannywood film. I intend to use it to promote peace among our people.

I will be acting with many Kannywood stars. This would make my fans in the north, where I was born and grew up, happy.

Many of my friends who are Northerners are calling for such a movie from me. I can still speak little Hausa. It will be a great movie for Nigeria.

PT: Have you won any awards?
Vincent: Yes, just recently, I won the Islanders Award for Best Actor 2014 in Lagos. I also have so many other recognitions from both individuals and organisations.

PT: Are you planning to step up your career to Hollywood?

Vincent: I have been working towards that, especially since the beginning of this year, after winning the Islanders Award. I already have an agent who is working on that on my behalf.

I have signed a contract of agreement with the agent, who is from Hollywood, and I shall be visiting the U.S. very soon. First, I will be there for the Hollywood arrangement, then I will work on a Nollywood film.

I want to also tell you that the Kannywood film we are working on will have some scenes shot in the U.S.

PT: What do you think is the secret of your success?

Vincent: I try to be original, humble and hardworking. These are my secrets.

PT: Are you married?

Vincent: Not yet, but I’m working on something.

PT: How do you think the entertainment industry in Nigeria can be improved?

Vincent: The entertainment industry in Nigeria, be it films or music, is doing extremely good.

As the industry grows bigger and more talented players are born, bigger investments would be brought to the industry. However, government should also have a special interest in assisting the Industry.

PT: When is your next movie coming out?

Vincent: I have more than 10 films coming out anytime in June including one I shot in Igbo.

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