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You’d have thought there would be no Delete Your Account this week after I went in on slave plantation enthusiast Blake Lively and, in doing so, upset many Anthropologie shoppers. But have no fear; even when the week yields very little celebrity drama, there’s always drama from reality TV stars. The queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race had a shade throwdown on Facebook, the Real Housewives of New York got drunker than ever, and in too real for reality TV news, white dudes are really upset about Ghostbusters.


Second season RuPaul’s Drag Race runner-up David Petruschin has always been a bit of a shady villainess. After her season aired, David was adamant that the editing made her out to be a villain, but when you’re out here congratulating Season 8 winner Bob the Drag Queen with “Fvck! Yo! Purse!” you’re not exactly convincing people that you’re not Ursula the petty sea witch. For some context, one of Bob’s most memorable quotes of the season was “Walk in the room purse-first.”

It was a petty comment that most people would ignore, but Bob got turnt.

Could Bob have ignored all of this? Sure. That would be the reasonable thing to do. But drag queens are not reasonable. They are about exaggeration and drama, so you knew Bob was going to have a response. This is an appropriately shady response (but also it’s spelled “you’re,” Bob) that was enough to get Drag Race fans super turnt. But blood must have blood, so you know David was far from through.

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This is where things get messy. Aren’t you a drag queen, David? Why didn’t Raven have a response to Bob? Why would you record a response out of drag and look like some viral rant about scented candles from a BuzzFeed post? Also, queen, did you record this in the closet of a Forever 21? This video makes you look crazy. She goes on about how people have interpreted her innocuous comments toward Drag Race and Bob as hateful, but at no point does David ever say, “I like Bob. I like Drag Race.” She instead attempts to turn the mirror on everyone using social media to clap back at her shady comment, like she’s Gossip Girl showing Manhattan they can be just as cruel as she is. How deep. As deep as a freshman term paper on The Odyssey.

Should David Delete Her Account? David ends her ode to Chris Crocker by going on about how “if you haven’t done drag” then you don’t understand drag … in a video where she’s not even in drag. Sashay away, queen.


Cinemassacre is some website that hosts the opinions of random white guys whom Hollywood mocks and derides every chance they get, and yet they still cater to them by making action movies and superhero flicks starring mostly white guys. The tide is slowly turning, however, because we have movies like Ghostbusters starring four badass women being released. We have Tessa Thompson playing Valkyrie in Thor 3. Black Panther is about to become the blackest film Marvel has ever made. And white men cannot handle it. There’ve been tons of iterations of Ghostbusters since its debut, and a Sh!tty sequel (much as I love it), but no, this film with a bunch of women in it will somehow ruin Ghostbusters.

There’s been a lot said about this nonsense already, but here’s my biggest takeaway: Hollywood is dumb. We still don’t have more than a single female-led Marvel movie on the horizon beyond 2019. DC only has Wonder Woman and a Harley Quinn film in development. You know why people get excited about minor developments in diversity? It’s because we only get tiny morsels from studios that would rather cater to idiots who make videos for Cinemassacre about how they refuse to see Ghostbusters because it has women in it. We still don’t get female action figures because “toys are for boys.” There’s a ton of women and people of color ready to spend their money on any and all franchises that cater to them, and yet Hollywood still thinks it has to get the almighty white-man dollar. It still holds special screenings for “geek press” for its comic-book movies that consist of white guys in comic-book shirts and grease stains sitting in the audience. You know what? Those men hated Batman v Superman and it still made a Sh!t-ton of money. Stop paying attention to them.

Should Cinemassacre Delete Its Account? Yes, if only for the stupid name “Cinemassacre.”


I love these messy New York women. They’re even messier than the queens on Drag Race. The Real Housewives of New York City is one of Bravo’s best Housewives franchises because they’re constantly drunk and causing drama. On the Beverly Hills show, it’s always a “situation” when someone has too much to drink, but never on New York. And Ramona Singer is ratchet as hell. She and her partner in crime, Sonja Morgan, are always getting into some kind of sopH0more year of college, fake ID, Journey on the jukebox, dancing on the bar in cowboy boots from Steve Madden nonsense.

This week, Ramona got into it with Dorinda Medley, who’s mostly become memorable because she’s found a man in the Housewives franchise even more gross and boorish than Joe Giudice. No one likes John Mahdessian. Bethenny Frankel can’t stand him. And Ramona really can’t stand him after they had it out at a party on Wednesday’s episode. The entire situation was recapped by Kara Brown at Jezebel, but let’s just say that John attacked Ramona and shoved his hands in her face, and Dorinda did nothing. She typically stands by like Beyoncé in the elevator whenever John is up to no good, which must mean she at least partly co-signs his behavior.

The wives of each franchise always take to Twitter to defend themselves after they show their A$$es on TV, but this fight was so spectacular that their Twitter drama was transcendent this week. Not only do they continue to call each other out, but they keep RTing their fans and having the same merry-go-round about whether Ramona was out of line or whether John is truly a gross ogre. I don’t even have much to say to drag either of them, except that former cast member Aviva Drescher would’ve had SO MUCH to say about this fight.

Should Dorinda and Ramona Delete Their Accounts? NEVER. At this rate, the reunion this season is going to be LIT.

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