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Mpmania Mix 39

Mpmania Mix 39

My Boyfriend Gives Me Money Only After Rounds of S*x (See Photo)

If a guy doesn’t trust a lady but needs her to be “curing” things for the time being, this can happen:


“I sometimes spend the weekend at my boyfriend’s place… but I suddenly began to realize that he grumbles whenever I visit him during my menstruation. He would reluctantly give me just N1,00 for transport.

“Another thing I observed is that he gives me money based on the rounds of s*x he has with me. Let’s a$$ume we had s*x 5 times, he would give me N5,000 for transport and on the day or weekend we have it only 3 times he would give me N3,000.

“I think my boyfriend is paying N1,000 for every round of s*x he had with me.”

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