A few days ago, it was revealed that Snoop Dogg would be the guest on the next episode of Red Table Talk, the Facebook Watch talk-show hosted by Jada Pinkett Smith, Adrienne Banfield-Jones and Willow Smith. Jada detailed that the conversation with Snoop with focus on “The Culture of Disrespect Between Black Men and Black Women”, in light of his recent criticism of Gayle King.

King was the target of significant backlash after she brought up Kobe Bryant’s past rape allegations in an interview with Lisa Leslie. Many felt that King was wrongfully besmirching Bryant’s legacy during a time when his family, friends and fans were grieving his unexpected passing. Snoop was one of her loudest detractors, taking to Instagram to deliver a message that was perceived as overly-aggressive. The rapper later backtracked on his statement. He apologized for coming down on King too hard and clarified that he did not intend to promote any violence.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg – Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

However, the conversation is not ending there. The next episode of RTT will unpack the intentions and ramifications of Snoop’s remarks. In the trailer that Jada shared, she explains to Snoop her initial reaction to the controversy. “When you first came out and you said what you said… you know, in regards to Gayle… my heart dropped. I felt that not only were you talking to Gayle, but you were talking to me. I was like, ‘Oh no, Snoop has now taken the power flow away from me, away from Willow, away from my mother.” Snoop nods his head when hearing this, suggesting that was never his intent. Jada continues, “I was like [gasp]. If this is what’s happening… not Snoop! That’s one of the reasons I felt like I really wanted to have a conversation with you in the spirit of healing.”