Nigerian Tissue Seller In Spain Returns €16,000 He Found In Briefcase


A tissue seller is being praised in as a good Samaritan after he returned 16 thousand Euros he found in a that fell from a car.

35 year old Peter Angelina, who makes a living selling tissue paper at a traffic light junction at the corner of Calle Juan Diaz de Solis and Ruben Dario in Seville, Spain selling his wares on Dec. 3rd when he noticed a small briefcase left on the roof of a car. The briefcase fell to the ground when the driver of the car pulled away. Peter p!cked up the briefcase and ran after the vehicle, trying to flag the driver down to return the case to him but couldn’t get the attention of the driver. He then took the briefcase to a police station near the junction.


When police opened the briefcase, they found €3,150 in cash and six cheques with a combined value of €13,000 as well as some documents and a mobile telephone. More money than the man who left Lagos Nigeria for London, then Spain over 10 years had ever seen in his life.

According to Euronews, Spanish Police tracked down the owner of the briefcase, a 42-year-old businessman from Seville, and returned his belongings. The man later found Peter and rewarded him with €100.

“People say I could have kept the money and then thrown the briefcase away but I am not like that, and God wouldn’t have liked that. I am not crazy, I am a good man.” Peter later told local media

Turns out Peter Angelina is a doctor, but cannot practice medicine in Spain because his diploma from Lagos University is be recognized there. He started studying medicine in Seville five years ago and sells tissues to afford his studies. He also gets a little financial help from his father who reportedly works in the police force in Nigeria

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