Why Olamide Might Never Hit Same Level as Wizkid & Davido

Why Olamide Might Never Hit Same Level as Wizkid & Davido |

2017 saw Davido and Wizkid not only doing a tremendous job in their careers, they did a beautiful job in exporting the Nigerian sound.

So let’s start this way, if you were asked to mention top 3 artistes in Nigeria today, am certain Olamide’s name will find a way to sneak in there right, right???

Okay, now, for every person working in one field or the other, let’s take the entertainment industry, for instance, their goal or as they claim is export the sound abroad and make themselves known to other acts around the globe particularly the US.

I already know some people are set to compose curses aimed at me…calm down…am not done, you will get your chance

Davido, Wizkid have both done fantastic jobs doing just the above, getting their names out there [in the abroad] and ensuring the big dogs there, get a taste of our tasteful sound.


Now for Wizkid, he did this; create the Afro-Caribbean medley enabling the likes of Drake, Jidenna amongst others take a dip into this ever filling ocean and creating even more delicious sound with it.

Davido, on his end made sure several top foreign ears take a listen to the sound, he did that so well, OG in the game R-Kelly walked the path of a remix to his song.

Now Olamide, what excactly is holding this Nigerian big dog from exporting our sound or even making a name for himself outside the shores of the land, you ask him, he will probably say this; I represent the street, the street is where I belong, I make music for the people,’ but WO, isn’t Wikzid and Davido doing just about this and still ensuring the African sound is being exported? What exactly is stopping you from let’s even agree you are the king of the street, taking that street sound you are so certain you own down there and making them take a listen, work with you and bring even more awareness to your brand and the same street you are fighting tooth and nail to entertain, my answer;

let’s face it, Olamide is lazy. Yeah, awon omo wobe are getting ready to look for Tope Delano and attack yeah, still hold your unintentionally ripped jean and sweaty discolored shirt by the only thread it has and let me finish. Ya man is lazy! He knows just about how much work it takes to get the above done and would rather remain in his already falling about comfort zone as he knows the street will remain the street, the intellectually challenged zone, hard-drugs and objectification of a woman’s body does the trick. Okay, you have to do both to make music, how about doing it in ways where when the learned ones who enjoy WOBE sounds listen [as if these people can understand am certain the foreigners can] they won’t start trembling and taking a dash a psychologist to determine their true state of mind, how about that sir?

This one actually baffles me as this is the same man that has single handlely done wonders for the career of many who swam in the river of uncertainty of this aggressive industry. However, I can understand as this could cause a big challenge when you have to go to a much more learned setting to ply your trade. Olamide is simply scared of the unknown. Scared that the foreigners will reject his sound and this may take a swing at his emotions, but again isn’t that what life is about, picking yourself up when it deals you a huge blow? This is a man who has quite a number of young ones looking up to him, same ones who if given just a minute chance to get their sound heard abroad, they would grab it. So, I ask, what exactly are you teaching them? You have all it takes, what exactly is stopping you, if fear isn’t one of it?

I know some of you will come on here saying; as long as he is making money, repping the street blah to the effing bla…it’s cool, but ask yourselves, if you get a chance to be better, to show the world just how amazing the WOBE sound CAN and should be with just the right lyrics or even the codeine-based, illegal money making ventures and body shaming/ objectification ones, done with the right words is, will you not go for it?

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