Reasons why having friends can give you a longer life

Why is life worth living? One of such reasons is having good friends around you. No man is an island which is why making good friends and keeping them is essential to living and your health.
People who have prolonged depression stay that way because they have little or no friends to lean on in such situations. Frequent interactions with friends could help you in more ways than one. They provide a source of support just as you do to them through daily interactions.

According to Jillian Kramer of Glamour, friends are there to remind you why you’re better off after a breakup, accompany you on a beach-bound birthday getaway, and squeeze into a bathroom stall just so they can hold your wedding gown’s tulle skirt while you pee. But new research shows friendships do more than create a network of support and source of happiness – they may actually help you live longer.

University of Rochester researchers studied 133 participants examining the quantity and quality of their relationships over 30 years. They found that when 20-something participants had more frequent social interactions, they more easily “found themselves,” or defined their opinions, ethics, and desires, than those who limited their friendships. When the participants reached their 30s, those who reported having higher-quality friendships also reported the highest levels of well-being at midlife.
So the key to later-life health, it would seem, lies in part with our friendships. To us, this sounds like the most fun health plan ever discovered.

Date 2015-09-04

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