Recession & Earthquakes! Pastor Adeboye Makes Prophecies For 2017

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Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, while prophesying an end to the nation’s economic recession this year, stated that there will be monster earthquakes, hurricanes and floods in other part of the world.


Speaking during the Cross Over service at the church New auditorium in Simawa Ogun State, Adeboye said 2017 would be filled with surprises.

The ‘Man of God’ made nine revelations which were divided into 3 groups – individual prophecies, predictions for Nigeria, and what the world should expect in general.

He said “the New Year would be full of pleasant surprises for the oppressed, stressing that those who willingly oppressed the masses would be ‘relocated’. He did not explain whether the relocation meant death for the oppressors or not, but said he would stop at what God told him.”

“2017 will be a year of surprises. But you need to understand that the same surprise may mean different things for the oppressor and the oppressed. Those deliberately making life difficult for the common man will be relocated.

“The downward plunge will slow down, it will stop and a reversal will begin,” he said, presuming that the nation’s economy would bounce back.

For individuals, the man of God prophesied that it would be a year of surprises for both true and false prophets, saying that there would be a large number of weddings, while soul winners would see their prophecies fulfilled almost as soon as they were uttered.

On the international scene, Adeboye prophesied that there would be surprises for many world governments.

He said there would be two monster earthquakes, monster floods, monster hurricanes and typhoons, monster tornadoes, monster fire outbreaks around the world this year.

During the message titled: “Enforcing Prophecy,” the cleric warned the congregation to flee from fake prophets whom according to him were only after what they would eat.

On what to do for prophecies to be fulfilled, Pastor Adeboye told the worshippers to believe God, believe true prophets, appreciate God’s sovereignty, engage in fasting, prayer and avoid all sorts of distractions.”

“Believe God because prophecies come from Him, no matter how unbelievable such prophecy sound, believe it. Believe the true prophets of God, not those who prophecy because of money or properties. Appreciate the fact that God is sovereign.

“He has the right to change His mind, the fire honor Him, stop robbing Him, make Him happy, win souls. Learn to fast, pray without season and put away all forms of distraction,” he said.

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