Rihanna gushes over the lover between her granddad and her grandma

celebrated her grandfather as he turned a year older.


She wrote about his love for her late grandma and how that was the beginning of her existence.

“Captain of the ship….my grandfather #Bravo !
Such an inspiration to the 4 generations that came after you (so far) and as a result of you!
It was “only” 61 years ago that you met my 17 year old grandma #Dolly and bought out her entire tray of mangoes, just so she didn’t have to work and could spend the rest of the day with you! The ship from Barbados that you worked on left you in Guyana that day!! I bless God for that day…. it was the beginning of many blessings to come! My whole existence depended on that very day! Your strength, love, prayers, discipline, sense of humor and STUBBORNNESS 👀are just a few of the things we love about you, and why you’re truly our guardian angel sent to us from Heaven!
I love you with all my heart, and I’m so happy that God spared you to see the 88th year of your life!!!

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