Samsung To Release Bendable Smartphones In Few Months Time


NEW DELHI: Last month, took the lead in bringing out the world’s first smartphone with curved screen. Though the device failed to excite the technology community, the company has more display technologies in the offing that promise to revolutionize the industry.

At the Samsung Analyst Day, the company’s vice chairman and CEO Oh-Hyun Kwon revealed its roadmap for the coming years and the technologies it aims to incorporate in upcoming gadgets.

The two most notable technologies that the company talked about at the event are and foldable displays. One of the slides, given below, details that the company will launch with bendable screens as early as , while devices with foldable displays are scheduled for 2016-17.


Though Samsung has not detailed the technologies involved or which gadgets they would debut with, it has already given a glimpse. At the Consumer Electronics Show in January this year, the company showcased the bendable Youm display. Unlike the curved screen of Galaxy Round smartphone, this prototype screen technology could be bent at any angle.

Samsung Galaxy S5, expected to be launched early next year, is one of the likeliest contenders to get this screen technology.

There is no word on the company’s foldable displays as of now.


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