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Scott Disick Mocks ex Kourtney Kardashian See HERE

Whoa there! Scott Disick is throwing some shade at baby mama Kourtney Kardashian by comparing her to a movie serial killer! You’ll never believe your eyes when you see his latest Instagram post.


Scott Disick, 32, had some fun at former partner Kourtney Kardashian‘s expense, claiming that were both completely nuts during their nine-year relationship together.

Now that they’re no longer a couple, he’s mocking the 37-year-old reality star in such a crazy way!

Scott posted a photo of a couple in bed together, but one is wearing a Jason Voorhees mask from the Friday the 13th horror films, and the other is sporting Michael Myers mask from all the Halloween slasher flicks.

Above them it read

“When you’re in a relationship and you’re both crazy,” to which Scott captioned the pic “I know the feeling.”

OUCH! Poor Kourtney! Then again he admitted that he too was just as nuts as her so at least he dissed himself as well.

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